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The Lake Trotters Boat Club was formed in 1972 by a group of friends who were avid boaters. The club was originally a land based club with no official club house. Club meetings were held at club member homes or at other clubs.
Some of you may remember the Sanctuary which was actually the home of one member. Do you remember the parties that were held there? They were unforgetable.
The club purchased its Island and clubhouse in 1982. We renovated the clubhouse and made many changes. Now it is a confortable place to meet and enjoy life.
Our club was the first club to hold an annual hall party which we called the Lake Trotters Spring Launch Dance. The response to these parties was overwelming and it triggered other clubs to hold similar events which now are known as the Commordores Ball.
Our club now holds its functions at our club island. Amoung the many fuctions we have in the summer are our annual knockwrust roasts and annual steak and corn roasts. We also hold horseshoe tournements that have become quite popular.
If you're out boating on a weekend, drop by and say hi!
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